Call for Papers

CfP special issue on "Electronic markets: evolution and perspectives"

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Guest Editors

  • Rainer Alt, Leipzig University, Germany
  • Hans-Dieter Zimmermann, FHS St. Gallen, University of Applied Sciences, Switzerland


In 2020, the Electronic Markets journal will enter its 30th year of publication. Along with the journal, the entire field of electronic markets and networked/electronic business has evolved impressively. Contrary to the early days in the 1980s, digital value chains and platforms are inherent in most of today’s business models. Nowadays referred to as digitalization or digital transformation, this includes the networking with customers via mobile and online channels, the use of electronic (real-)time linkages in multi-tier supply chains as well as the emergence of electronic markets and communication platforms. Companies such as Google, Apple, Facebook and Amazon (“GAFA”) or Baidu, Alibaba, and Tencent (“BAT”) have become dominant players and illustrated the logic of network effects, which are typical for networked business models. Besides these well-known IT companies, many start-ups have emerged during the last decades and digital transformation has spread among traditional businesses as well. At this point, perception of being a part of digital ecosystems or even shaping new ecosystems has grown and become critical for competitive advantage in many industries. This special issue aims to take the opportunity of the journal’s 30th volume to call for papers that reflect on the field from a retrospective (e.g. Clarke and Pucihar 2013, Fischbach et al. 2011) and a prospective (e.g. Alt and Puschmann 2012, Spiekermann et al. 2015) point of view. While the former primarily aims to learn from analyzing past developments, the latter opens the perspective to upcoming developments. This might relate to future technological innovations – for instance, in the field of search engines and marketplaces or semantic web (“The next Amazon” or “The next Google”) – as well as to innovations in various business areas such as on, how marketing, distribution, logistics or needs as mobility and wellbeing or entertainment are taking place.


Central issues and themes

Possible topics of submissions for this special issue focus on the past and future evolution of electronic markets as well as of networked business. Topics may include but are not restricted to:

  • Evolution of digital ecosystems and the app economy
  • Digital transformation of specific industries (e.g. retail, banking, healthcare)
  • Evolution of digital business models (e.g. usage and data driven models)
  • Digitalization of business processes (e.g. end-to-end and real-time processes)
  • Modeling and managing digital transformation and innovation
  • Decentralization and the future of markets, including risks
  • Development of data protection and privacy (e.g. in social media)
  • Perspectives from artificial intelligence (e.g. smart mobility, deep learning and trans humanism)
  • Management of digital data (e.g. ownership, linking and quality)
  • Analyses on the relationship between technological and organizational change

We encourage contributions with a broad range of methodological approaches, including conceptual, qualitative and quantitative research. Please also consider that position papers and case studies might be especially suited for this special issue. All papers should fit the scope of Electronic Markets (for more information see and will undergo a double-blind peer review process. If you would like to discuss any aspect of the special issue, please contact the guest Editors.


Electronic Markets is a SSCI-listed journal (IF 3.818) and requires that all papers must be original and not published or under review elsewhere. Papers must be submitted via our electronic submission system at and conform to Electronic Markets publication standards (see instructions and templates at Please note that the preferred article length is around 8,000 words.

Submission Deadline: May 19, 2019




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