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CfP special issue on "Electronic markets in emerging markets"

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Guest Editors

  • Lida Xu, Old Dominion University, USA
  • Sohail Chaudhry, Villanova University, USA
  • Xiongfei Cao, University of Science and Technology of China


Electronic markets and networked business is one of most challenging areas for industry and research communities. Electronic markets have evolved from the classic article on the Electronic market hypothesis published in Communications of the ACM in 1987 to the highly integrated and collaborative e-business such as Alibaba. This evolution has reshaped the ways of doing business and supply chain networks. In last two decades, we have seen how novel and dynamic electronic markets applications have been bringing about a variety of new developments, new organizational forms and shapes in respective industries. In the last decade, one of the most fundamental trends is the emergence of markets such as China, India, Brazil, and Russia as drivers of global economic growth. The emerging markets account for more and more world exports. Emerging markets including the emerging market country classifications have been defined in the literature (Atilgan et al 2016). We believe that there are significant opportunities for improving our understanding of electronic markets  in emerging economies, in ways that also advance theories of electronic markets and their impact on both developed and developing (emerging) economies

Central issues and topics

This special issue provides an opportunity to bring together the research of scholars around the world to address issues related to electronic markets in emerging markets. We welcome submissions on a wide variety of topics focusing on electronic markets in emerging market.

Possible topics of submissions include, but are not limited, to the following:

  • Are electronic markets in emerging markets different from those in developed markets?
  • Are the processes for creating electronic markets different in emerging markets?  
  • How do firms in developed economies relate to these electronic markets?
  • Are there unique social challenges in these markets?
  • Do business to business relationships differ in emerging markets?  
  • Cases on electronic markets in emerging markets (e.g. Alibaba)
  • Comparison with industrial markets
  • Analysis of specific framework requirements/limiting factors (e.g. social factors, technical infrastructure)
  • New organizational forms in emerging markets
  • Inter-organizational integration and ICT application in emerging markets
  • Electronic markets’ impacts on markets and organizations in emerging markets
  • Specifics of emerging markets such as infrastructure of users, rules and regulation, and political environment  

We encourage contributions with a broad range of methodological approaches, including conceptual, qualitative and quantitative research. We would also like to welcome authors publishing on the topic of electronic markets in emerging markets with reference to Electronic Markets and Networked Business. All papers should fit Electronic Markets’ scope (

We also welcome contributions addressing related topics not listed above (please contact the special issue editors in that case to discuss the fit prior to submission).

All papers will be peer reviewed and should conform to Electronic Markets’ publication standards. Electronic Markets is a SSCI-listed journal and supports methodological and theoretical pluralism, i.e. empirical or theoretical work, qualitative research and design science are all welcome by the journal. If you would like to discuss any aspect of the special issue, please contact the guest editors.


All papers must be original, not published or under review elsewhere. Papers must be submitted via our electronic submission system at

Instructions, templates and general information are available at

Please note that the preferred article length is approx. 6,500 words.


Submission Deadline: January, 31, 2017