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CfP special issue on "Electronic markets in supply chain management"

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Supply chains are inherently complex and involve managing relationships and information flows across multiple echelons, engaging with diverse stakeholders, third party logistics organizations and different institutions. Therefore it becomes vital to study these interactions. These interactions are the sources of new business models, innovations and also facilitate building resilience in managing risks and disruptions. In this special issue we are particularly interested in how these interactions create or alternate the dynamics of service provision in different (electronic) markets and industries. We are particularly keen on submissions that take the supply chain as their unit of analysis and thus go beyond the organization to include dyadic, triadic or network level of analysis.

Central issues and themes

Possible topics of submissions include, but are not limited to:

  • The evolving market for innovative services in supply chain management.
  • Technology interactions as a mechanism for innovations and innovative services
  • IT based services and the challenges of their implementation in logistics and supply chain environments
  • The development process of innovative services involving different stakeholders and actors
  • The emergence of business models for IT based services in the supply chain environment
  • The mechanisms and developments of push vs. pull based innovations in supply chain environments
  • Customer-Supplier relationships in the market for IT based logistics services
  • Institutionalization of processes and Standards across different actors in supply chains
  • Functionalities and standards of electronic platforms/infrastructures for supply chains

The special issue wants to emphasize topics that relate to the above outlined context. We are thus calling for paper contributions that employ diverse technology mechanisms for studying interactions, refer to different supply chains or use different industry contexts such as logistics services, banking, finance or health care organizations where innovations are being generated. Of particular interest are hereby contributions addressing the dilemmas and challenges related to different tiers of the supply chain or at least the dyadic relationship and the related network view of analysis and/or emphasizing the more organizational and social aspects of development and institutionalization.

We encourage contributions with a broad range of methodological approaches, including conceptual, qualitative and quantitative research. We also welcome contributions addressing related topics not listed above (please contact the special issue editors in that case to discuss the fit prior to submission).

All papers will be peer reviewed and should conform to Electronic Markets publication standards. Electronic Markets is a SSCI-listed journal and supports methodological and theoretical pluralism, i.e. empirical or theoretical work, qualitative research, design science and/or prototypes are all welcomed by the journal. If you would like to discuss any aspect of the special issue, please contact the issue editors.


All papers must be original, not published or under review elsewhere. Papers must be submitted via our electronic submission system at Instructions, templates and general information are available at note the preferred article length must be in a range of 3,500 to 6,500 words.


Submission Deadline: April 30, 2015