Please read the following information carefully before submitting. All submissions will be handled via Electronic Markets' Editorial Manager online submission system.

Step 1: General preparations

Prior to submitting manuscripts to EM please make sure that you have considered the following hints, which we hope you find helpful:

  • Your manuscript must not be published, submitted or accepted for publication elsewhere.
  • Decide which journal section the submitted manuscript fits best. Depending on the chosen category the nature of the paper as well as the review process differs.
  • Please note that the expected article length for research papers is around 10,000 words (excl. reference list).
  • Manuscripts submitted to EM should use American English spelling.

Step 2: Preparation for online submission

Two files are required for submission: a title page with author information and biographies and a blinded manuscript without author names, affiliations etc. Please make sure that your manuscript:

  • uses the template for EM submissions (title page and manuscript template below) and includes an abstract
  • includes a table with additional information (keywords, JEL classifications, number of words and word processing program name)
  • contains no indications on authors' names and addresses in the manuscript itself, in the document properties or file names and that all references to the authors have been blinded (e.g. [blindref], [blinded for review process]).
  • contains only citations and references in APA style.

Manuscripts that do not comply with the above-mentioned guidelines will be returned for correction. Please use the following templates for the title page and the manuscript:

Additional files with tables, figures, etc. may be attached when submitting the manuscript but this is not required. It is sufficient to have all tables and figures in the manuscript.

Step 3: Submit manuscript online

  • Follow the step-by-step instructions at the Editorial Manager website.
  • When submitting to a special issue please make sure to fill-in this information at the step "Additional Information". This ensures the correct assignment to the responsible editor, issue and section of the journal.
  • In case you submit a paper that has previously been published in a confererence, please notify this as free text.

Suggesting /excluding editors and/or reviewers

It is recommended that authors suggest suitable editors for handling as well as reviewers for reviewing their manuscripts. Authors should ensure that these individuals are independent and not affiliated with the authors or the presented research activity in any way. Please aim at suggesting a mix of editors/reviewers from different countries and different institutions. Similarly, authors may also request the exclusion of certain individuals.

Please provide the editors/reviewer information during the submission process in EM's Editorial Manager system ( and add a brief explanation of your choice and an institutional email address for each mentioned individual in the author's comments section. If an email is not available, you may also provide other means of verifying the identities (e.g., a link to a personal homepage, a publication record or a researcher or an author ID) in the submission letter. Please note that EM remains free to follow the suggestions, but greatly appreciates this valuable help for an improved peer review process.

Reviewing for EM

Last but not least, please consider that reviewing is not free. It involves a large portion of time and effort on behalf of the reviewers. As an academic journal depends on this community effort, EM expects that authors of accepted papers are also open to reviewing other papers. The responsible editors will aim to assign papers following the topics of past papers as well as the classfications in the author profile that needs to be completed upon registration in the Editorial Manager system.

If you have any problems or questions please feel free to contact the Editorial Office [editors(at)]. We are looking forward to receiving your submission.