Open Access Articles

List of published articles:

  • FUNDAMENTALS: Rietsche, R., Dremel, C., Bosch, S., Steinacker, L., Meckel, M., Leimeister, J.-M. (2022) Quantum computing, Electronic Markets, DOI:
  • DISCUSSION PAPER: Clemons, E. K., Waran, R. V., Hermes, S., Schreieck, M., Krcmar, H. (2022), Computing and Social Welfare, Electronic Markets, DOI:
  • FUNDAMENTALS: Lehrer, C., Trenz, M. (2022) Omnichannel Business, Electronic Markets, DOI:
  • RESEARCH PAPER: Beverungen, D., Müller, O., Matzner, M., Mendling, J. and vom Brocke, J. (2017). Conceptualizing smart service systems, Electronic Markets, 29(1), DOI: 10.1007/s12525-017-0270-5

Furthermore, all articles published in Volumes 1 to 8 of Electronic Markets may be downloaded from the archive section on this website.