Volume 9, Issue 4

Special issue on "International MIS, electronic commerce and financial services" and general research

Beat F. Schmid and Brigette Buchet

Introduction to the Focus Issue on Globalization and Information Systems
Christopher P. Holland

Research Paper - Special Issue
Electronic Markets in Transport: Comparing the Globalization of Air and Rail Computerized Reservation Systems
Nathalie N. Mitev

Research Paper - Special Issue
Developing Information Systems Strategy for International Process Oriented Holistic Enterprises: A Case Study at Xerox Ltd
Phil Seltsikas

Research Paper - Special Issue
Realizing the Potential of ERP Systems: The Strategic Implications of Implementing an ERP Strategy: The Case of Global Petroleum
Ben Light

Research Paper - Special Issue
Development Barriers to International Information Systems
Mark Lycett and Ray J. Paul

Research Paper - Special Issue
An Application of Judgemental Modelling for Strategic Decision Making in an International Environment
Ian Hipkin and Pete Naude

Research Paper - Special Issue
ICT and the Changing Landscape of Global Tourism Distribution
Hannes Werthner and Stefan Klein

Research Paper - General Research
Competing in Online Markets: Financial Services as a Case in Point
Louis Minakakis and Bharat Rao

Research Paper - General Research
Characteristics of Initial Public Offerings (IPOs) Issued through Internet-Based Investment Banks
Troy J. Strader,  Richard B. Carter and Sree Nilakanta

Research Paper - General Research
Web-Based Consumer Decision Tools: Motivations and Constraints
Kieran Mathieson, Mukesh Bhargava and Mohan Tanniru

Research Paper - General Research
Realization of Internet Services in a Media Company - the Case of Bertelsmann Professional Information
Thomas Hesshttp://www.tandfonline.com/doi/abs/10.1080/101967899358996#.UZCBk7VqmVU

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