Volume 8, Issue 2

Special issue on "Electronic commerce in europe" and general research

Editors's Note
Stefano Micossi

Research Paper - Special Issue
Business Models for Electronic Markets
Paul Timmers

Research Paper - Special Issue
Consumer Needs in Global Electronic Commerce -
The Role of Standards in Addressing Consumer Concerns
Bruce J. Farquhar, Gordon Langmann and Adam Balfour

Research Paper - Special Issue
Potential For Online Grocery Shopping In The Urban Area of Vienna
Andreas Schuster and Barbara Sporn

Research Paper - Special Issue
Grocery Shopping for the Elderly And Disabled: Finnish EC Experiments

Jukka Heikkilä,  Jukka Kallio,  Timo Saarinen and Virpi Kristiina Tuunajnen

Research Paper - Special Issue
On the Future of the Austrian Tele-Shopper

Edeltraud Hanappi-Egger and Hardy Hanapi

Research Paper - Special Issue
Electronic Learning and Teaching Commerce via Education Servers in Germany
Arald F.O. von Kortzfleisch, Ulrike Heller and Udo Winand

Research Paper - Special Issue
Distribution of Danish Tourism Products in Europe - Status, Trends and Challenges
Carl H. Marcussen

Research Paper - Special Issue
The Emergence of Linked Fish Markets in Europe
Ian Graham

Research Paper - Special Issue
Promotion of Electronic Commerce by a Regional Centre
C. C. Charlton, S. Grant, P. H. Leng and I. E. Neilson

Research Paper - Special Issue
Systems Planning in an Electronic Commerce Environment in Europe: Rethinking Current Approaches
Pat Finnegan, Bob Galliers and Philip Powell

Research Paper - General Research
A Conceptual Research Framework for Analyzing the Evolution of Electronic Markets
Arno Scharl and Roman Brandtweiner

Research Paper - General Research
Designing a Generic System for Process-Oriented Support of Business Transactions Using the Internet
Oliver Braun,  Dirk Bremer,  Günter Schmidt and Kathrin Zimmer

Research Paper - General Research
Software Agent-Supported Interorganizational Communication in the Settlement Phase
Dominik Deschner, Oliver Hofmann, Stefan Reinheimer and Freimut Bodendorf

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