Volume 6, Issue 2

Special issue on "Interorganizational systems" and general research

Editor's Note
Beat F. Schmid, Rainer Alt, Stefan Zbornik and Dorian Selz

Research Paper - Special Issue
Business-to-Business Connectivity on the Internet: EDI, Intermediaries, and Interorganizational Dimensions
Jonathan W. Palmer and J. Scott Johnston

Research Paper - Special Issue
Collaboration: more than the exchange of information
Mark Borman and Howard Williams

Research Paper - Special Issue
Business Engineering: Transition to the Networked Enterprise
Hubert Österle

Research Paper - General Research
The Role of Global Computer Reservation Systems in the Travel Industry Today and in the Future
Axel Schulz

Research Paper - General Research
The Four Global Distribution Systems in the Travel and Tourism Industry
Karsten Kärcher

Research Paper - General Research
Pharmatica: Supporting the complex pharmaceutical information needs in the changing healthcare sector
Stefan Klein, Ronald M. Lee, Lei Lei and Saida Qureshi