Volume 32, Issue 1

Special Issue on "The dark sides of AI" and general research

Electronic Markets on platform duality

Rainer Alt

The dark sides of AI
Xusen Cheng, Xiao Lin, Xiao-Liang Shen, Alex Zarifis & Jian Mou

Research Paper - Special Issue
The dark sides of AI personal assistant: effects of service failure on user continuance intention
Yi Sun, Shihui Li & Lingling Yu

Research Paper - Special Issue
Understanding users’ negative responses to recommendation algorithms in short-video platforms: a perspective based on the Stressor-Strain-Outcome (SSO) framework
Xiumei Ma, Yongqiang Sun, Xitong Guo, Kee-hung Lai & Doug Vogel

Research Paper - Special Issue
Categorization and eccentricity of AI risks: a comparative study of the global AI guidelines
Kai Jia & Nan Zhang

Research Paper - Special Issue
The rise of artificial intelligence – understanding the AI identity threat at the workplace

Milad Mirbabaie, Felix Brünker, Nicholas R. J. Möllmann Frick & Stefan Stieglitz

Research Paper - Special Issue
Prick the filter bubble: A novel cross domain recommendation model with adaptive diversity regularization
Jianshan Sun, Jian Song, Yuanchun Jiang, Yezheng Liu & Jun Li

Research Paper - Special Issue
AI invading the workplace: negative emotions towards the organizational use of personal virtual assistants

Olivia Hornung & Stefan Smolnik

Invited Paper - General Research
Towards AI application marketplaces - an interview with Dorian Selz

Rainer Alt & Hans-Dieter Zimmermann

Invited Paper - General Research
From absolute nonsense to the world’s operating system

Hannes Werthner

Research Paper - General Research
On the stress potential of videoconferencing: definition and root causes of Zoom fatigue

René Riedl

Research Paper - General Research
Research opportunities in the regulatory aspects of electronic markets
Roger Clarke

Research Paper - General Research
Opposing effects of input control and clan control for sellers on e-marketplace platforms

Evgheni Croitor, Dominick Werner, Martin Adam & Alexander Benlian

Research Paper - General Research
An experimental examination of credible information disclosure, perception of fairness, and intention to do business in online multi-bilateral negotiations
Bo Yu, Gregory E. Kersten & Rustam Vahidov

Research Paper - General Research
Immunizing with information – Inoculation messages against conversational agents’ response failures

Severin Weiler, Christian Matt & Thomas Hess

Research Paper - General Research
Robots, artificial intelligence, and service automation (RAISA) in hospitality: sentiment analysis of YouTube streaming data

Taekyung Kim, Hwirim Jo, Yerin Yhee & Chulmo Koo

Research Paper - General Research
Service robots’ anthropomorphism: dimensions, factors and internal relationships
Shengliang Zhang, Xinfeng Lin, Xiaodong Li & Ai Ren

Research Paper - General Research
Artificial intelligence in E-Commerce: a bibliometric study and literature review
Ransome Epie Bawack, Samuel Fosso Wamba, Kevin Daniel André Carillo & Shahriar Akter

Fundamenatals - General Research
Cognitive automation
Christian Engel, Philipp Ebel & Jan Marco Leimeister

Research Paper - General Research
A machine learning approach to identifying decision-making styles for managing customer relationships
Ana Alina Tudoran

Research Paper - General Research
Systematizing the lexicon of platforms in information systems: a data-driven study

Christian Bartelheimer, Philipp zur Heiden, Hedda Lüttenberg & Daniel Beverungen


Correction to: Keeping pace with the healthcare transformation: a literature review and research agenda for a new decade of health information systems research
Nadine Ostern, Guido Perscheid, Caroline Reelitz & Jürgen Moormann

Correction to: Entrepreneurial bricolage and online store performance in emerging economies
Xiaoyu Yu, Yajie Li, Daniel Q. Chen, Xiaotong Meng, Xiangming Tao & Bang Nguyen

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