Volume 31, Issue 3

Special Issue on "Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Robotics in Travel, Tourism and Leisure" and general research

Electronic Markets on robotics

Rainer Alt

Artificial intelligence (AI) and robotics in travel, hospitality and leisure

Chulmo Koo, Zheng Xiang, Ulrike Gretzel & Marianna Sigala

    Research Paper - Special Issue
    Frontline robots in tourism and hospitality: service enhancement or cost reduction?

    Daniel Belanche, Luis V. Casaló & Carlos Flavián

    Research Paper - Special Issue
    Challenges in re-designing operations and jobs to embody AI and robotics in services. Findings from a case in the hospitality industry

    Erica Mingotto, Federica Montaguti & Michele Tamma

    Research Paper - Special Issue
    Man vs machine: examining the three themes of service robotics in tourism and hospitality
    Aikaterini Manthiou, Phil Klaus, Volker G. Kuppelwieser & William Reeves

    Case report - Special Issue
    AI and robotics in the European restaurant sector: Assessing potentials for process innovation in a high-contact service industry

    Katharina Blöcher & Rainer Alt

    Research Paper - Special Issue
    The adoption of artificial intelligence and robotics in the hotel industry: prospects and challenges
    Kichan Nam, Christopher S. Dutt, Prakash Chathoth, Abdelkader Daghfous & M. Sajid Khan

    Research Paper - Special Issue
    What makes you continuously use chatbot services? Evidence from chinese online travel agencies
    Lin Li, Kyung Young Lee, Emmanuel Emokpae & Sung-Byung Yang

    Research Paper - Special Issue
    The impact of artificial intelligence on event experiences: a scenario technique approach

    Barbara Neuhofer, Bianca Magnus & Krzysztof Celuch

    Research Paper - Special Issue
    Is a picture worth a thousand views? Measuring the effects of travel photos on user engagement using deep learning algorithms
    Dobin Yim, Timothy Malefyt & Jiban Khuntia


    Invited Paper - General Research
    How to organize for AI? An interview with Yao-Hua Tan

    Rainer Alt

    Research Paper - General Research
    Machine learning in information systems - a bibliographic review and open research issues

    Benjamin M. Abdel-Karim, Nicolas Pfeuffer & Oliver Hinz

    Research Paper - General Research
    Feature subset selection for predicting the success of crowdfunding project campaigns
    Michael J. Ryoba, Shaojian Qu & Yongyi Zhou

    Fundamentals - General Research
    Machine learning and deep learning

    Christian Janiesch, Patrick Zschech & Kai Heinrich

    Research Paper - General Research
    Towards early purchase intention prediction in online session based retailing systems

    Ramazan Esmeli, Mohamed Bader-El-Den & Hassana Abdullahi

    Research Paper - General Research
    On the economic effects of the text completion interface: empirical analysis of financial markets
    Eran Rubin & Amir Rubin

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