Volume 31, Issue 2

Special Issue on "Recommendation Systems (RS) in Electronic Markets" and on "Hybrid Intelligence in Business Networks" and general research

Electronic Markets on digital platforms and AI

Rainer Alt


Designing Recommendation or Suggestion Systems: looking to the future
Ravi S. Sharma, Aijaz A. Shaikh & Eldon Li

    Research Paper - Special Issue
    A personalized point-of-interest recommendation system for O2O commerce
    Laisong Kang, Shifeng Liu & Mincong Tang

    Research Paper - Special Issue
    Payam Hanafizadeh, Mahdi Barkhordari Firouzabadi & Khuong Minh Vu

    Research Paper - Special Issue
    Design of electronic-commerce recommendation systems based on outlier mining

    Huosong Xia, Xiang Wei, Wuyue An, Zuopeng Justin Zhang & Zelin Sun


    Hybrid intelligence in business networks
    Philipp Ebel, Matthias Söllner, Jan Marco Leimeister, Kevin Crowston & Gert-Jan de Vreede

    Research Paper - Special IssueHuman-machine collaboration in online customer service – a long-term feedback-based approach

    Roland Graef, Mathias Klier, Kilian Kluge & Jan Felix Zolitschka

    Research Paper - Special Issue
    How perceptions of intelligence and anthropomorphism affect adoption of personal intelligent agents
    Sara Moussawi, Marios Koufaris & Raquel Benbunan-Fich

    Research Paper - Special Issue
    Hybrid intelligence in hospitals: towards a research agenda for collaboration

    Milad Mirbabaie, Stefan Stieglitz & Nicholas R. J. Frick


    Research Paper - General Research
    Data quality in recommender systems: the impact of completeness of item content data on prediction accuracy of recommender systems
    Bernd Heinrich, Marcus Hopf, Daniel Lohninger, Alexander Schiller & Michael Szubartowicz

    Research Paper - General Research
    User preferences for privacy features in digital assistants

    Frank Ebbers, Jan Zibuschka, Christian Zimmermann & Oliver Hinz

    Research Paper - General Research
    AI-based chatbots in customer service and their effects on user compliance

    Martin Adam, Michael Wessel & Alexander Benlian

    Invited Paper - General Research
    Trustworthy artificial intelligence

    Scott Thiebes, Sebastian Lins & Ali Sunyaev


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