Volume 31, Issue 1

Special Issue on "Internet of Things for Electronic Markets " and general research

Electronic Markets on the next convergence

Rainer Alt

ObituaryIan MacInnes


Internet of Things for Electronic Markets
Gunasekaran Manogaran, Naveen Chilamkurti & Ching-Hsien Hsu

    Research Paper - Special Issue
    Improving business process and functionality using IoT based E3-value business model

    Alaa Shoukry, Jameel Khader & Showkat Gani

    Research Paper - Special Issue

    Sarah Bayer, Henner Gimpel & Daniel Rau

    Research Paper - Special Issue
    Uncovering the business value of the internet of things in the energy domain – a review of smart energy business models
    Ute Paukstadt & Jörg Becker

    Research Paper - Special Issue
    Jens Passlick, Sonja Dreyer, Daniel Olivotti, Lukas Grützner, Dennis Eilers & Michael H. Breitner

    Research Paper - General Research
    Core, intertwined, and ecosystem-specific clusters in platform ecosystems: analyzing similarities in the digital transformation of the automotive, blockchain, financial, insurance and IIoT industry

    Tobias Riasanow, Lea Jäntgen, Sebastian Hermes, Markus Böhm & Helmut Krcmar

    Research Paper - General Research

    Thomas Schulz, Markus Böhm, Heiko Gewald & Helmut Krcmar

    Research Paper - General Research
    Insights into user engagement on social media. Findings from two fashion retailers

    María del Rocío Bonilla Quijada, José Luis Del Olmo Arriaga & David Andreu Domingo

    Research Paper - General Research
    Effect of an e-retailer’s product category and social media platform selection on perceived quality of e-retail products

    Erik Ernesto Vazquez

    Research Paper - General Research
    Some things are just better rich: how social commerce feature richness affects consumers’ buying intention via social factors

    Thomas Friedrich, Sebastian Schlauderer & Sven Overhage

    Research Paper - General ResearchM. Avais Shakir Goraya, Zhu Jing, Mahmud Akhter Shareef, Muhammad Imran, Aneela Malik & M. Shakaib Akram

    Research Paper - General Research
    In the same boat: social support in online peer groups for career counseling

    Annette Felgenhauer, Katharina Kaufmann, Julia Klier & Mathias Klier

    Research Paper - General Research
    Mamoun Benmamoun, Hadi Alhor, Christine Ascencio & Woojong Sim


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