Volume 30, Issue 1

30-years-jubilee and general research

Evolution and perspectives of electronic markets

Rainer Alt

Position Paper - General Research
Researcher perspectives in Electronic Markets
Roger Clarke

Invited Paper - General Research
The digital transformation journey: content analysis of Electronic Markets articles and Bled eConference proceedings from 2012 to 2019
Andreja Pucihar

Invited Paper - General Research
Whatever happened to disintermediation?

Rolf T. Wigand

Invited Paper - General Research
Life engineering

Hubert Österle

Discussion Paper - General Research
What kind of electronic markets do we deserve?

Beat Schmid

Discussion Paper - General Research
A blind spot for the dark side: the monopolies we didn’t see coming
Andreas Göldi

Discussion Paper - General Research
From electronic markets to data driven insights

Dorian Selz

Discussion Paper - General Research
How to capture the B2B platform opportunity
Frank Riemensperger, Svenja Falk

Discussion Paper - General Research
Is open banking driving the financial industry towards a true electronic market?
Richard Dratva

Discussion Paper - General Research
Xetra: the evolution of an electronic market

Martin Reck

Digital innovations

Florian Wiesböck & Thomas Hess

Digital platform ecosystems

Andreas Hein, Maximilian Schreieck, Tobias Riasanow, David Soto Setzke, Manuel Wiesche, Markus Böhm & Helmut Krcmar

Robotic process automation

Peter Hofmann, Caroline Samp & Nils Urbach

Research Paper - General Research
Emergence of collective digital innovations through the process of control point driven network reconfiguration and reframing: the case of mobile payment

Boriana Rukanova, Mark de Reuver, Stefan Henningsson, Fatemeh Nikayin & Yao-Hua Tan

Research Paper - General Research
A taxonomy and archetypes of smart services for smart living

Marcus Fischer, David Heim, Adrian Hofmann, Christian Janiesch, Christoph Klima & Axel Winkelmann

Research Paper - General Research
Regret under different auction designs: the case of English and Dutch auctions

Ninoslav Malekovic, Lazaros Goutas, Juliana Sutanto & Dennis Galletta

Research Paper - General Research
Buyer preferences for auction pricing rules in online outsourcing markets: fixed price vs. open price

Zhijuan Hong, Ruhai Wu, Yan Sun & Kunxiang Dong

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