Volume 29, Issue 2

Special issues on "Electronic Markets in emerging markets" and "Smart e-commerce integration with recommender systems"

Electronic Markets on platform competition

Rainer Alt and Hans-Dieter Zimmermann

Electronic Markets in emerging markets

Xiongfei Cao, Sohail S. Chaudhry and Li Da Xu

Research Paper - Special Issue
The relationship between platform choice and supplier’s efficiency- evidence from China’s online to offline (O2O)e-commerce platforms
Xing Wan and Jing Chen

Research Paper - Special Issue
Entrepreneurial bricolage and online store performance in emerging economies

Xiaoyu Yu,Yajie Li, Daniel Q. Chen, Xiaotong Meng and Xiangming Tao

Research Paper - Special Issue
Success factors and complex dynamics of crowdfunding: An empirical research on Taobao platform in China
Kefan Xie, Zimei Liu, Long Chen, Weiyong Zhang, Sishi Liu and Sohail S. Chaudhry

Research Paper - Special Issue
Social networks and online store performance in emerging economies: The mediating effect of legitimacy
Xiaoyn Yu, Yida Tao, Yi Chen, Weiyong Zhang and Pinglei Xu

Smart e-commerce integration with recommender systems

Yin Zhang, Haider Abbas and Yi Sun

Research Paper - Special Issue
Smart e-commerce systems: Current status and research challenges
Zhiting Song, Yanming Sun, Jiafu Wan, Lingli Huang and Jianhua Zhu

Research Paper - Special Issue
Pirasa: strategic protocol selection for e-commerce agents

Jack Hopkins, Özgür Kafali, Bedour Alrayes and Kostas Stathis

Research Paper - Special Issue
Effects of sentiment on recommendations in social network
Ping-Yu Hsu, Hong-Tsuen Lei, Shih-Hsiang Huang, Teng Hao Liao, Yao-Chung Lo and Chin-Chun Lo

Research Paper - Special Issue
User behaviour modeling, recommendations, and purchase prediction during shopping festivals
Ming Zeng, Hancheng Cao, Min Chen and Yong Li

Research Paper - Special Issue
Fractional stochastic gradient descent for recommender systems
Zeshan Aslam, Naveed Ishtiaq Chaudhary and Syed Zubair

Research Paper - General Research
Beyond markets, hierarchies, and hybrids: An institutional perspective on IT enabled two-sided markets

Kai Reimers, Xunhua Guo and Mingzhi Li

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