Volume 29, Issue 1

Special issue on "Smart services: the move to customer orientation"

Smart services: The move to customer orientation

Rainer Alt, Haluk Demirkan, Jan Fabian Ehmke, Anne Moen and Alfred Winter

Research Paper - Special Issue
Conceptualizing smart service systems

Daniel Beverungen, Oliver Müller, Martin Matzner, Jan Mendling and Jan vom Brocke

Research Paper - Special Issue
Design-integrated financial assessment of smart services

Jürgen Anke

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Research Paper - Special Issue
User preferences and willingness to pay for in-vehicle assistance
A. Cristina Mihale-Wilson, Jan Zibuschka and Oliver Hinz

Research Paper - Special Issue
Focusing the customer through smart services: A literature review

Sonja Dreyer, Daniel Olivotti, Benedikt Lebek and Michael H. Breitner

Position Paper - Special Issue
Towards customer-induced service orchestration - requirements for the next step of customer orientation
Rainer Alt,Jan Fabian Ehmke, Reinhold Haux, Tino Henke, Dirk Christian Mattfeld, Andreas Oberweis, Barbara Paech and Alfred Winter

Research Paper - Special Issue
Cognitive computing for customer profiling: Meta classification for gender predictio
Robin Hirt, Niklas Kühl and Gerhard Satzger

Research Paper - Special Issue
Smart services in healthcare: A risk-benefit-analysis of pay-as-you-live services from customer perspective in Germany

Rouven-B. Wiegard and Michael H. Breitner

Research Paper - Special Issue
Enabling crowdsensing-based road condition monitoring service by intermediary
Kevin Laubis, Marcel Konstantinov, Viliam Simko, Alexander Gröschel and Christof Weinhardt

Correction to: on the way to understanding binge watching behavior: The over-estimated role of involvement
Jani Merikivi, Antti Salovaara, Matti Mäntymäki and Lilong Zhang

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