Volume 28, Issue 4

Special issue on “Data-driven innovations in electronic markets” and general research

Electronic Markets on digitalization

Rainer Alt

Data-driven innovations in electronic markets

Barbara Dinter, Jan Krämer

Research Paper - Special Issue
Is paid search overrated? When bricks-and-mortar-only retailers should not use paid search

Darius Schlangenotto, Dennis Kundisch, Nancy V. Wünderlich

Research Paper - Special Issue
Between death and life - a formal decision model to decide on customer recovery investments
Dominikus Kleindienst, Daniela Waldmann

Research Paper - Special Issue
The upside of data privacy – delighting customers by implementing data privacy measures
Henner Gimpel, Dominikus Kleindienst, Niclas Nüske, Daniel Rau, Fabian Schmied

Research Paper - Special Issue
Enhancing energy efficiency in the residential sector with smart meter data analytics
Konstantin Hopf, Mariya Sodenkamp, Thorsten Staake

Research Paper - General Research
The disclosure of private data: measuring the privacy paradox in digital services
Henner Gimpel, Dominikus Kleindienst, Daniela Waldmann

Research Paper - General Research
“Bid more, pay less” – overbidding and the Bidder’s curse in teleshopping auctions

Fabian Ocker

Position Paper - General Research
Name it as you like it? Keeping pace with social media something

Julian Bühler, Markus Bick

Research Paper - General Research
Dynamics of investor communication in equity crowdfunding

Gregor Dorfleitner, Lars Hornuf, Martina Weber

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