Volume 28, Issue 3

Special issue on "FinTech and the transformation of the financial industry"

Editorial 28/3
FinTech and the transformation of the financial industry

Rainer Alt, Roman Beck and Martin T. Smits

Research Paper - Special Issue
Understanding FinTech start-ups – a taxonomy of consumer-oriented service offerings

Henner Gimpel, Daniel Rau and Maximilian Röglinger

Research Paper - Special Issue
Exploring the digitalization impact on consumer decision-making in retail banking
Key Pousttchi and Maik Dehnert

Research Paper - Special Issue
Exploring characteristics and transformational capabilities of InsurTech innovations to understand insurance value creation in a digital world

Emanuel Stoeckli, Christian Dremel and Falk Uebernickel

Research Paper - Special Issue
Complacency, capabilities, and institutional pressure: understanding financial institutions’ participation in the nascent mobile payments ecosystem

Kui Du

Research Paper - Special Issue
From chaining blocks to breaking even: A study on the profitability of bitcoin mining from 2012 to 2016

Jona Derks, Jaap Gordijn and Arjen Siegmann

Research Paper - Special Issue
How do investors decide? An interdisciplinary review of decision-making in crowdfunding

Andreas Hoegen, Dennis M. Steininger and Daniel Veit

Research Paper - Special Issue
Designing a robo-advisor for risk-averse, low-budget consumers

Dominik Jung, Verena Dorner, Christof Weinhardt and Hakan Pusmaz

Research Paper - Special Issue
Computational speed and high-frequency trading profitability: an ecological perspective

Alexandru-Ioan Stan

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