Volume 27, Issue 3

Special issues on "Service-oriented e-business development" and "Big data analytics"

Electronic Markets on big data services

Rainer Alt and Hans-Dieter Zimmermann

Introduction to the special issue on service-oriented e-business development

Doug Vogel, Jing Zhao, Zhen Zhu, Xitong Guo and Jianqing Chen

Research Paper - Special Issue
Exploring the effects of reward and competition intensity on participation in crowdsourcing contests
Dan Li and Longying Hu

Research Paper - Special Issue
The influence of information overload on the development of trust and purchase intention based on online product reviews in a mobile vs. web environment: An empirical investigation
Christopher P. Furner and Robert A. Zinko

Research Paper - Special Issue
A computer-based approach for analyzing consumer demands in electronic word-of-mouth

Chung-Yi Lin, Shu-Yi Liaw, Chao-Chun Chen, Mao-Yuan Pai and Yuh-Min Chen

Big data analytics in electronic markets

Eric W. T. Ngai, Angappa Gunasekaran, Samuel Fosso Wamba, Shahriar Akter and Rameshwar Dubey

Research Paper - Special Issue
Predicting user behavior in electronic markets based on personality-mining in large online social networks

Ricardo Buettner

Research Paper - Special Issue
Electronic mobility market platforms – a review of the current state and applications of business analytics

Christoph Willing, Tobias Brandt and Dirk Neumann

Research Paper - Special Issue
Market sentiment dispersion and its effects on stock return and volatility

Eric. W. K. See-To and Yang Yang

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