Volume 27, Issue 2

Special issues on "The transformation of the academic publishing market" and "Electronic markets in supply chain management"

Electronic Markets on academic supply chains

Rainer Alt

The transformation of the academic publishing market: Multiple perspectives on Innovation

Diego Ponte, Bozena I. Mierzejewska and Stefan Klein

Position Paper - Special Issue
Scholarly journal publishing in transition - from restricted to open access
Bo-Christer Björk

Research Paper - Special Issue
Let the crowd be my peers? How researchers assess the prospects of social peer review
Christian Matt, Christian Hoerndlein and Thomas Hess

Research Paper - Special Issue
Research output availability on academic social networks: Implications for stakeholders in academic publishing
Mikael Laakso, Juho Lindman, Cenyu Shen, Linus Nyman and Bo-Christer Björk

Supply chains and electronic markets - impulses for value co-creation across the disciplines

Günter Prockl, Vikram Bhakoo and Christina Wong

Research Paper - Special Issue
Design options for supply chain visibility services: Learnings from three EPCIS implementations
Ralph Tröger and Rainer Alt

Research Paper - Special Issue
The role of inter-organizational information systems in maritime transport chains

Ralf Elbert, Holger Pontow and Alexander Benlian

Research Paper - Special Issue
Development of an ecosystem model for the realization of internet of things (IoT) services in supply chain management

Marcel Papert and Alexander Pflaum

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