Volume 26, Issue 4

General research

Electronic Markets on electronic markets in education

Rainer Alt and Hans-Dieter Zimmermann

Position Paper - General Research
Emerging online educational models and the transformation of traditional universities
Bhavik K. Pathak

Research Paper - General Research
Factors propelling the adoption of m-learning among students in higher education
Jasmine A. L. Yeap, T. Ramayah, Pedro Soto-Acosta

Research Paper - General Research
Think, feel, bid: The impact of environmental conditions on the role of bidders' cognitive and affective processes in auction bidding
Anuja Hariharan, Marc Thomas Philipp Adam, Timm Teubner and Christof Weinhardt

Research Paper - General Research
Opening your product: Impact of user innovations and their distribution platform on video game success
Stefan Koch and Michael Bierbamer

Research Paper - General Research
The impact of consumer preferences on the accuracy of collaborative filtering recommender systems
Sebastian Köhler, Thomas Wöhner and Ralf Peters

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