Volume 26, Issue 3

Special issues on "Dynamics of customer interaction on social media platforms" and general research

Electronic Markets on customer-orientation

Rainer Alt

Dynamics of customer interaction on social media platforms

Ulrike Baumöl, Linda Hollebeek and Reinhard Jung

Research Paper - Special Issue
Insights from consumer interactions on a social networking site: Findings from six apparel retail brands
Carsten D. Schultz

Research Paper - Special Issue
Consequences of customer engagement behavior: When negative Facebook posts have positive effects

Sofie Bitter and Sonja Grabner-Kräuter

Research Paper - Special Issue
The low status advantage: The effect of status structure on participation in an online community
Sara Hanson and Lan Jiang

Research Paper - Special Issue
Generating and exploiting customer insights from social media data
Alexander Wieneke and Christiane Lehrer

Research Paper - General Research
Social commerce — state-of-the-art and future research directions

Catherine Baethge, Julia Klier and Mathias Klier

Research Paper - General Research
Bank employees’ internal and external perspectives on e-service quality, satisfaction and loyalty
Gjoko Stamenkov and Zamir Dika

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