Volume 25, Issue 4

Special issue on "IOS 2.0: New aspects on inter-organizational integration through enterprise 2.0 technologies" and general research

Electronic Markets on reviewing

Rainer Alt, Carsta Militzer-Horstmann and Hans-Dieter Zimmermann

IOS 2.0: new aspects on inter-organizational integration through enterprise 2.0 Technologies

Christy M. K. Cheung, Martin Mocker, Daniel Schlagwein, Ali Sunyaev and Klaus Turowski

Research Paper - Special Issue
How to bridge the boundary? Determinants of inter-organizational social software usage
Melanie Steinhueser, Alexander Richter and Stefan Smolnik

Research Paper - Special Issue
Business value of partner’s IT intensity: Value co-creation and appropriation between customers and suppliers

Pankaj Setia, Vernon Richardson and Rodney J. Smith

Research Paper - Special Issue
CloudLive: A life cycle framework for cloud services

Stephan Schneider and Ali Sunyaev 

Research Paper - General Research
The Matthew Effect in social commerce - the case of online review helpfulness

Yun Wan

Research Paper - General Research
The impact of customizable market interfaces on trading performance

Florian Teschner, Tobias T. Kranz and Christof Weinhardt 

Erratum to: Adoption of smart grid technologies by electric utilities: factors influencing organizational innovation in a regulated environment

Jason Dedrick, Murali Venkatesh, Jeffrey M. Stanton, You Zheng and Angela Ramnarine-Rieks

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