Volume 25, Issue 3

Special issue on "Smart tourism"

Electronic Markets on ecosystems and tourism

Rainer Alt and Hans-Dieter Zimmermann

Special issue on smart tourism: Convergence of information technologies, experiences, and theories

Ulrike Gretzel, Chulmo Koo, Marianna Sigala and Zheng Xiang

Position Paper - Special Issue
Smart tourism: Foundations and developments

Ulrike Gretzel, Marianna Sigala, Zheng Xiang and Chulmo Koo

Research Paper - Special Issue
The application and impact of gamification funware on trip planning and experiences: The case of TripAdvisor’s funware
Marianna Sigala

Research Paper - Special Issue
How does hotel attribute importance vary among different travelers? An exploratory case study based on a conjoint analysis

Hosung Timothy Rhee and Sung-Byung Yang

Research Paper - Special Issue
Mineable or messy? Assessing the quality of macro-level tourism information derived from social media

Roman Tilly, Kai Fischbach and Detlef Schoder

Research Paper - Special Issue
Smart technologies for personalized experiences: A case study in the hospitality domain

Barbara Neuhofer, Dimitrios Buhalis and Adele Ladkin

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