Volume 24, Issue 3

General research

Electronic Markets and general research

Rainer Alt and Hans-Dieter Zimmermann

Research Paper - General Research
Satisfaction with virtual communities in B2B financial services: social dynamics, content and technology

Evangelos Chompis, Roger W. H. Bons, Bart van den Hooff, Frans Feldberg and Hans Horn

Research Paper - General Research
ICT supported healthy lifestyle interventions: design lessons
Luuk P. A. Simons, J. Felix Hampe and Nick A. Guldemond

Research Paper - General Research
Shiny happy people buying: the role of emotions on personalized e-Shopping

Ilias O. Pappas, Panos E. Kourouthanassis, Michail N. Giannakos and Vassilios Chrissikopoulos

Research Paper - General Research
Attitude contagion in consumer opinion platforms: posters and lurkers

Boris Bartikowski and Gianfranco Walsh

Research Paper - General Research
Perceived risks and risk management of social media in an organizational context
Juha Munnukka and Pentti Järvi

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