Volume 22, Issue 4

Special issue on "Banking in the internet and mobile era" and general research

Editorial 22/4

Rainer Alt, Karen Heyden and Hubert Österle

Banking in the Internet and mobile era

Roger W. H. Bons, Rainer Alt, Ho Geun Lee and Bruce Weber 

Position Paper - Special Issue
The rise of customer-oriented banking - electronic markets are paving the way for change in the financial industry
Rainer Alt and Thomas Puschmann

Research Paper - Special Issue
Mobile banking — insights on its increasing relevance and most common drivers of adoption
Kyung-Hun Ha, Andrea Canedoli, Aaron W. Baur and Markus Bick

Research Paper - Special Issue
To M-Pay or not to M-Pay—Realising the potential of smart phones: conceptual modeling and empirical validation
Philip O’Reilly, Aidan Duane and Pavel Andreev

Research Paper - Special Issue
Performance implications of internet channels in financial services: A comprehensive perspective
Hung-Jen Tu

Research Paper - Special Issue
The IPO window of opportunity for digital product and service firms
Richard B. Carter, Troy J. Strader and Frederick H. Dark

Research Paper - General Research
Virtual or vague? a literature review exposing conceptual differences in defining virtual organizations in IS research
Kai Riemer and Nadine Vehring

Research Paper - General Research
Determining chain digitisation maturity: a survey among Dutch CIOs
Marijn G. A. Plomp, Ronald S. Batenburg and Ron C. M. van Rooij

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