Volume 22, Issue 2

Special issue on "E-commerce intelligence development and research in the greater china region" and general research

Editorial 22/2

Rainer Alt, Hubert Österle and Karen Heyden

E-commerce intelligence development and research in the Greater China Region
Xin Robert Luo, Heng Xu and Lee J. Yao

Research Paper - Special Issue
Factors affecting participation of solvers in crowdsourcing: an empirical study from China  
Bingjia Shao, Lei Shi, Bo Xu and Li Liu

Research Paper - Special Issue
Buyers’ purchasing time and herd behavior on deal-of-the-day group-buying websites
Yi Liu and Juliana Sutanto

Research Paper - Special Issue
Coordination mechanism of IT service supply chain: an economic perspective
Jianyuan Yan, Yanli Guo and Laurie Schatzberg

Research Paper - General Research
What are users’ intentions towards real money trading in massively multiplayer online games?
Ioanna Constantiou, Morten Fosselius Legarth and Kasper Birch Olsen

Research Paper - General Research
Competency rallying in electronic markets: implications for open source project success
Amir Hossein Ghapanchi and Aybuke Aurum

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