Volume 22, Issue 1

General research

Editorial 22/1

Rainer Alt, Hubert Österle and Karen Heyden

Cross-organizational and cross-border IS/IT collaboration
Nicholas C. Romano Jr. and James B. Pick

Research Paper - Special Issue
A value frequency model of knowledge sharing: an exploratory study on knowledge sharability in cross-organizational collaboration
Imed Boughzala and Robert O. Briggs

Research Paper - Special Issue
Evolution of cognitive trust in distributed software development teams: a punctuated equilibrium model
Anna L. McNab, K. Asli Basoglu, Saonee Sarker and Yanjun Yu

Research Paper - Special Issue
Leader delegation in global software teams: occurrence and effects
Suling Zhang, Marilyn Tremaine, Allen E. Milewski, Jerry Fjermestad and Patrick O’Sullivan

Research Paper - Special Issue
Differences between success factors of IS quasi-outsourcing and conventional outsourcing collaboration: a case study of two Finnish companies
Karin Väyrynen and Marianne Kinnula

Position Paper - General Research
Are open standards good business?
Nitin Aggarwal, Qizhi Dai and Eric A. Walden

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