Volume 21, Issue 1

Special issue on "20 years Electronic Markets" and general research

Editorial 21/1

Hubert Österle, Hans-Dieter Zimmermann and Rainer Alt

Invited Paper - Special Issu
20 Years of Research in Electronic Markets and Networked Business: An Interview with Thomas Malone and Retrospective Views by JoAnne Yates and Robert Benjamin
Rolf T. Wigand

Invited Paper - Special Issue
Co-authorship networks in electronic markets research

Kai Fischbach, Johannes Putzke and Detlef Schoder

Position Paper - Special Issue
Twenty years of electronic markets research—looking backwards towards the future
Rainer Alt and Stefan Klein

Research Paper - General Research
A virtual competition auction model for perishable products
Shouhong Wang and Hai Wang

Research Paper - General Research
Reaching into patients’ homes – participatory designed AAL services
Philipp Menschner, Andreas Prinz, Philip Koene, Felix Köbler, Matthias Altmann, Helmut Krcmar and Jan Marco Leimeister

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