Volume 20, Issue 3/4

Special issue on "Service-orientation in electronic markets" and general research

Editorial 20/3-4

Hubert Österle, Hans-Dieter Zimmermann and Karen Heyden

Preface to the Special Theme Section on Service-orientation in electronic markets

Rainer Alt, Witold Abramowicz and Haluk Demirkan

Research Paper - Special Issue
SOA adoption in business networks: do service-oriented architectures really advance inter-organizational integration?
Jan Löhe and Christine Legner

Research Paper - Special Issue
Services in electronic telecommunication markets: a framework for planning the virtualization of processes

Christian Czarnecki, Axel Winkelmann and Myra Spiliopoulou

Research Paper - Special Issue
Service quality of mHealth platforms: development and validation of a hierarchical model using PLS

Shahriar Akter, John D’Ambra and Pradeep Ray

Research Paper - General Research
The difficulty of studying inter-organisational IS phenomena on large scales: critical reflections on a research journey

Kai Reimers, Robert B. Johnston and Stefan Klein

Research Paper - General Research
Adoption of mobile ICT for health promotion: an empirical investigation

Mihail Cocosila and Norm Archer

Research Paper - General Research
Has the web transformed experience goods into search goods?

Makoto Nakayama, Norma Sutcliffe and Yun Wan

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