Volume 19, Issue 2/3

Special issues on "Internet of things" and "eCRM" as well as general research

Editorial 19/2-3

Hubert Österle and Karen Heyden

Preface to the focus theme on eCRM

Nicholas C. Romano and Jerry L. Fjermestad

Research Paper - Special Issue
Collaborative e-product development and product innovation in a demand-driven network: the moderating role of eCRM
Pierre Hadaya and Luc Cassivi

Research Paper - Special Issue
The impact of uncertainty avoidance, social norms and innovativeness on trust and ease of use in electronic customer relationship management
Yujong Hwang

Preface to the focus theme section: ‘Internet of things’

Elgar Fleisch, Sanjay Sarma and Frédéric Thiesse

Research Paper - Special Issue
Benchmarking RFID profitability in complex retail distribution systems
Christoph Goebel and Oliver Günther

Research Paper - Special Issue
The impact of RFID on management of returnable containers

Lars Thoroe, Adam Melski and Matthias Schumann

Research Paper - Special Issue
The value of RFID for RTI management
Alexander Ilic, Jason W. P. Ng, Paul Bowman and Thorsten Staake

Research Paper - Special Issue
The effects of privacy concerns and personal innovativeness on potential and experienced customers’ adoption of location-based services
Heng Xu and Sumeet Gupta

Research Paper - General Research
Who wins when price information is more ubiquitous? An experiment to assess how infomediaries influence price
Michael F. Gorman, Wm. David Salisbury and Ike Brannon

Research Paper - General Research
Information search and paid results — proposition and test of a hierarchy-of-effect model
Claire Gauzente

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