Volume 18, Issue 1

Special issue on "eMergence: merging and emerging technologies, processes and institutions" and general research

Hubert Österle, Volker Schmelich and Hans-Dieter Zimmermann

Preface to the Focus Theme Section: "eMergence: Merging and Emerging Technologies, Processes and Institutions"

Lynne M. Markus

Research Paper - Special Issue
Current Trends and Challenges in Electronic Procurement: An Empirical Study

Christian Tanner, Ralf Wölfle, Petra Schubert and Michael Quade

Research Paper - Special Issue
Impact of Electronic Auctions on Health Care Markets

Martin Smits and Richard Janssen

Research Paper - Special Issue
A Competitive Perspective on Standard-Making: Kaufhof's RFID Project in Fashion Retailing
Claudia Loebbecke and Claudio Huyskens

Research Paper - Special Issue
Leveraging Web Services for Implementing Vertical Industry Standards: A Model for Service-Based Interoperability

Christine Legner and Tobias Vogel

Research Paper - Special Issue
Preserving Control in Trade Procedure Redesign - The Beer Living Lab

Ziv Baida, Boriana Rukanova, Jianwei Liu and Yao-Hua Tan

Research Paper - Special Issue
Bridging the Adoption Gap - Developing a Roadmap for Trading in Grids
Dirk Neumann, Jochen Stößer and Christof Weinhardt

Research Paper - General Research
What Factors Influence the Individual Impact of the Web? An Initial Model

Lori N. K. Leonard and Cynthia K. Riemenschneider

Research Paper - General Research
The Effects of the Internet on Network Structures and Business Performance

Teck-Yong Eng

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