Volume 15, Issue 3

Special issue on "E-business impacts revisited" and general research

Hans-Dieter Zimmermann, Beat F. Schmid and Bozena I. Mierzejewska

Preface to the Focus Theme Section: "E-Business Impacts Revisited"

Michael Latzer and Brigitte Preissl

Research Paper - Special Issue
Contrasted Paths of Adoption: Is E-business Really Converging Toward a Common Organizational Model?

Eric Brousseau and Bruno Chaves

Research Paper - Special Issue
Click and Mortar Strategies Viewed from the Web: A Content Analysis of Features Illustrating Integration Between Retailers' Online and Offline Presence

Charles Steinfield, Thomas Adelaar and Fang Liu

Research Paper - Special Issue
Investigating Search Costs and Coordination Costs in Electronic Markets: A Transaction Costs Economics Perspective

Younes Benslimane, Michel Plaisent and Prosper Bernard

Research Paper - Special Issue
Organizational Perceptions of e-Commerce: Re-assessing the Benefits

Guy Fitzgerald, Anastasia Papazafeiropoulou, Luisa Piris and Alan Serrano

Research Paper - Special Issue
Distance to Market: Propinquity across In-store and Online Food Retailing

Grant Robertson, Jamie Murphy and Sharon Purchase

Research Paper - General Research
Untangling the Antecedents and Covariates of E-Commerce Trust: Institutional Trust vs. Knowledge-Based Trust

Stephen C. Wingreen and Stephen L. Baglione

Research Paper - General Research
An Empirical Investigation into the Structure of Bidding in Online Auctions
Arun Vishwanath and George A. Barnett

Research Paper - General Research
The Future of B2C E-Commerce

Siegfried Numberger and Carsten Rennhak

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