Volume 15, Issue 2

Special issue on "E-business in small businesses" and general research

Hans-Dieter Zimmermann, Beat F. Schmid and Bozena I. Mierzejewska

Preface to the Focus Theme Section "SMEs and E-Business"

David H. Brown, Nigel Lockett and Petra Schubert

Research Paper - Special Issue
The Impact of Firm Size on Internet Use in Small Businesses

Kelly Burke

Research Paper - Special Issue
Does Size Matter? Small Firms' Use of E-Business Tools in the Supply Chain
Nancy M. Levenburg

Research Paper - Special Issue
The Assimilation of E-business in Manufacturing SMEs: Determinants and Effects on Growth and Internationalization

Louis Raymond, François Bergeron and Sam Blili

Research Paper - Special Issue
Netsourcing in SMEs: E-ticketing in Art Venues
Maria Woerndl, Philip Powell and Richard Vidgen

Research Paper - Special Issue
The Functionality of Websites as Export Marketing Channels for Small and Medium Enterprises

Kenneth A. Saban and Stephen E. Rau

Research Paper - Special Issue
Developing Business Community Portals for SMEs - Issues of Design, Development and Sustainability

Julie Fisher and Annemieke Craig

Research Paper - General Research
Causes of Disputes in Online Auctions

Ian MacInnes

Research Paper - General Research
Social Presence: Influence on Bidders in Internet Auctions

Sheizaf Rafaeli and Avi Noy

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