Volume 15, Issue 1

Special issue on "Pervasive computing/ambient intelligence" and general research

Beat F. Schmid, Hans-Dieter Zimmermann and Izabella B. Mierzejewska

Preface to the Focus Theme Section "Pervasive Computing/Ambient Intelligence"

Bharat Rao and Hans-Dieter Zimmermann

Research Paper - Special Issue
Ubiquitous Computing-Driven Business Models: A Case of SK Telecom's Financial Services

Bongsik Shin and Ho Geun Lee

Research Paper - General Research
Consensus and Differences of Opinion in Electronic Prediction Markets
Thomas S. Gruca, Joyce E. Berg and Michael Cipriano

Research Paper - General Research
Performance in Electronic Marketplaces: Theory in Practice

Philip O'Reilly and Patrick Finnegan

Research Paper - General Research
The Diffusion and Efficient Use of Electronic Commerce among Small and Medium-sized Enterprises: An International Three-Industry Survey

Roman Beck, Rolf T. Wigand and Wolfgang König

Research Paper - General Research
Designing Pricing Mechanisms for Autonomous Agents Based on Bid-Forecasting

Dionisis D. Kehagias, Andreas L. Symeonidis and Pericles A. Mitkas

Research Paper - General Research
Use of Ontologies to Support the Situation Room Metaphor as an Auction Engine for Corporate Information and Knowledge Exchange

Bob Roberts and Adamantios Koumpis

Book reviews

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