Volume 14, Issue 4

Special issue on "Electronic markets and supply chains" and general research

Hans-Dieter Zimmermann, Beat Schmid and Yingzi Xu

Electronic Markets and Supply Chains: Emerging Models, Execution and Performance Measurement

Jonathan W. Palmer

Research Paper - Special Issue
Motives for e-marketplace Participation: Differences and Similarities between Buyers and Suppliers

Morten Rask and Hanne Kragh

Research Paper - Special Issue
Purchasing Consortia and Electronic Markets - A Procurement Direction in Integrated Supply Chain Management

Bernd Huber, Edward Sweeney and Austin Smyth

Research Paper - Special Issue
Industry-Sponsored Marketplaces: a Platform for Supply Chain Integration or a Vehicle for Market Aggregation?

Thuong T. Le, S. Subba Rao and Dothang Truong

Research Paper - Special Issue
Exploring Strategic Choices in Marketplace Positioning

Sanjay Gosain and Jonathan W. Palmer

Research Paper - Special Issue
Strategic Indicators of B2B e-marketplace Financial Performance

Timothy M. Laseter and Samuel E. Bodily

Research Paper - General Research
Distrust of One's Own Web Skills: A Reason for Offline Booking after Online Information Search

Jonna Järveläinen and Jussi Puhakainen

Research Paper - General Research
Information Assurance in B2C Websites for Information Goods/Services

Dan J. Kim, Natarajan Sivasailam and H. Raghav Rao

Research Paper - General Research
Internet Auctions in Marketing: The Consumer Perspective

Antje Möllenberg

Research Paper - General Research
Determinants of Electronic Commerce in Pakistan: Preliminary Evidence from Small and Medium Enterprises

Afzaal H. Seyal, Mian Mohammad Awais, Shafay Shamail and Andleeb Abbas

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