Volume 14, Issue 1

Special issue on "Globalization and electronic commerce" and general research

Lucia Pavlikova, Beat F. Schmid, Rolf T. Wigand and Kenneth Kraemer

Introduction to "Globalization and Electronic Commerce" Special Issue

Kenneth Kraemer and Rolf T. Wigand

Research Paper - Special Issue
Global Electronic Markets and Global Traditional Markets

Jingzhi Guo and Chengzheng Sun

Research Paper - Special Issue
Global Technology, Local Adoption: A Cross-Country Investigation of Internet Adoption by Companies in the United States and China

Sean Xu, Kevin Zhu and Jennifer Gibbs

Research Paper - Special Issue
Diffusion and Impacts of the Internet and E-commerce in China

Zixiang (Alex) Tan and Wu Ouyang

Research Paper - Special Issue
E-commerce in Brazil: Local Adaptation of a Global Technology

Paulo Bastos Tigre and Jason Dedrick

Research Paper - General Research
The Relative Importance of Different Trust Constructs for Sellers in the Online World

Detlef Schoder and Michael Haenlein

Research Paper - General Research
Does Culture Matter?: Identifying Cross-national Dimensions in Japanese Multinationals' Product-based Websites

Shintaro Okazaki

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