Volume 13, Issue 3

Special issue on "E-branding" and general research

Lucia Pavlikova, Beat F. Schmid, Andreas Herrmann and Eric J. Johnson    

Preface to the Special Section on E-branding
Andreas Herrmann and Eric J. Johnson

When Reputation Engenders Trust: An Empirical Investigation in Business-to-Consumer Electronic Commerce
Sabine Einwiller   

The Impact of Visiting a Brand Website on Brand Personality
Brigitte Müller and Jean-Louis Chandon    

The Use of Domain Names in e-branding by the World's Top Brands
Jamie Murphy, Laura Raffa and Richard Mizerski    

An Experimental Comparison of a Traditional English Clock Auction and a Web-Based Auction in a Multiple Unit Environment
Minna Häkämies, Jeffrey E. Teich, Hannele Wallenius and Jyrki Wallenius    

E-commerce Auction Agents and Online-auction Dynamics
Dawn G. Gregg and Steven Walczak    

The Diffusion of Internet Banking in Western Europe
Jacques Bughin

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