Volume 13, Issue 2

Special issue on "Web services" and general research

Lucia Pavlikova, Beat F. Schmid, Heiko Ludwig and Roland Klüber

Preface to the Special Section on Web Services

Heiko Ludwig and Roland Klüber

Research Paper - Special Issue
Web Services: Foundation and Composition

Jens Hündling and Mathias Weske

Research Paper - Special Issue
Performance Analysis and Simulation of Composite Web Services

Senthilanand Chandrasekaran, John A. Miller, Gregory S. Silver, Budak Arpinar and Amit P. Sheth

Research Paper - Special Issue
Digital Rights Management in Web Services

Sai Ho Kwok, Siu Man Lui, S. C. Cheung and Kar Yan Tam

Research Paper - Special Issue
Flexible Composition of Enterprise Web Services

Liangzhao Zeng, Boualem Benatallah, Hui Lei, Anne Ngu, David Flaxer and Henry Chang

Research Paper - General Research
Revisit the Debate on Intermediation, Disintermediation and Reintermediation due to E-commerce

Ravi Sen and Ruth C. King

Research Paper - General Research
Controlling Sourcing Risk in Electronic Marketplaces
Khawaja A. Saeed and Robert A. Leitch

Research Paper - General Research
Exploring SME Internet Adoption: Towards a Contingent Model

Margi Levy and Philip Powell    

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