Volume 12, Issue 4

Special issue on "Entertainment and media" and general research

Editorial - Entertainment and Media
Lucia Pavlikova, Beat F. Schmid and Robert G. Picard

Preface: Electronic Commerce in Entertainment and Media
Robert Picard

Research Paper - Special Issue
Business Models for Mobile Content: The Case of M-Games
Ian MacInnes, Janusz Moneta, Julio Caraballo and Dominic Sarni

Research Paper - Special Issue
Revenues for Online Newspapers: Owner and User Perceptions
Carina Ihlström and Jonathan Palmer

Research Paper - Special Issue
Consumers' Use of Enhanced TV Features and Interest in E-Commerce on Cable Network Websites
Louisa Ha and Sylvia Chan-Olmsted

Research Paper - Special Issue
The Problem of Excludability for Media and Entertainment Products in New Electronic Market Channels
Terje Gaustad

Research Paper - General Research
Transaction Costs and Investment Behaviour of Online Investors - Empirical Evidence from the Swiss Market
Teodoro D. Cocca

Research Paper - General Research
A Model of Web Use in Direct and Online Marketing Strategy
Stewart Adam

Research Paper - General Research
Success at E-Governing: A Case Study of ESDLife in Hong Kong
Simpson Poon and Xueli Huang

Research Paper - General Research
An Architecture for Integrated Public Service Delivery based on Life-events
Efthimios Tambouris and Elias Spanos

Research Paper - General Research
An M-Commerce Environment Based on Software Agents
Zakaria Maamar
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