Volume 12, Issue 3

Special issue on "e-government" and general research

Lucia Pavlikova, Beat F. Schmid, Klaus Lenk and Roland Traunmüller

Preface to the Focus Theme on e-Government
Klaus Lenk and Roland Traunmüller

Research Paper - Special Issue
Integrated Service Modelling for Online One-stop Government
Maria A. Wimmer

Research Paper - Special Issue
Encouraging Citizen Adoption of e-Government by Building Trust
Merrill Warkentin, David Gefen,  Paul A. Pavlou and Gregory M. Rose

Research Paper - General Research
Competition in B2C e-Commerce: Analytical Issues and Empirical Evidence
Stefan W. Schmitz and Michael Latzer

Research Paper - General Research
Peer-to-Peer Technology Business and Service Models: Risks and Opportunities
Sai Ho Kwok, Karl R. Lang and Kar Yan Tam

Research Paper - General Research
Finding the Fit: Applications of B2B e-Business in Three UK Insurance Companies
Suzanne Mieczkowska, David Barnes and Matthew Hinton

Research Paper - General Research
An Historical Appraisal of Information Technology in Commercial Banking
Bernardo Bátiz-Lazo and Douglas Wood

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