Volume 12, Issue 1

Special issue on "Mobile commerce" and general research

Lucia Pavlikova, Beat F. Schmid and Bharat Rao

Preface to the Focus Theme on M-Commerce
Bharat Rao

Research Paper - Special Issue
The Entertaining Way to M-Commerce: Japan's Approach to the Mobile Internet - A Model for Europe?
Stefan Baldi and Heike Pyu-Pyu Thaung

Research Paper - Special Issue
Provision of Services Via the Wireless Application Protocol: A Strategic Perspective
Stuart J. Barnes

Research Paper - Special Issue
What Factors are Driving China's Mobile Diffusion?
Nir Kshetri and Maggie Kei Cheung

Research Paper - Special Issue
Mobile Internet: An Empirical Study of B2c WAP Applications in Italy
Umberto Bertelè, Andrea Rangone and Filippo Renga

Research Paper - Special Issue
Information Quality for Mobile Internet Services: A Theoretical Model with Empirical Validation
Minhee Chae, Jinwoo Kim, Hoyoung Kim and Hosung Ryu

Research Paper - Special Issue
Consumer Attitudes and Mobile Travel Portal
Timo Koivumäki

Research Paper - General Research
Online Auctions and the Importance of Reputation Type
Stephen Scott Standifird

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