Volume 11, Issue 4

Special issue on "Emerging standards" and general research

Brigette Buchet, Beat F. Schmid, J. Felix Hampe and Lucia Pavlikova

Preface to the Focus Theme on Standards and XML
J. Felix Hampe

Research Paper - Special Issue
Organizational Factors in the Diffusion of an Industry Standard: Implementing an Online Documentation System for Australian Exporters
Linda C. Wilkins, Tanya Castleman and Paula Swatman

Research Paper - Special Issue
Standardizing the New E-Business Platform: Learning From the EDI Experience
Kai Reimers

Research Paper - Special Issue
A Proposal for a Structured Database in the Complex World of Standards: What about a Structured Single Entry Point to the Standardization World?
Benoît Otjacques

Research Paper - General Research
The Failure of Electronic Markets in the Air Cargo Industry: A Core Theory Explanation
Easwar A. Nyshadham and Sunder Raghavan

Research Paper - General Research
Determinants of the Locus of Global E-commerce
Nir B. Kshetri

Research Paper - General Research
The Marketing Scale Effectiveness of Virtual Communities
Jacques Bughin and Michael Zeisser

Research Paper - General Research
An Empirical Review of Price Behaviour on the Internet
Hernan Riquelme

Research Paper - General Research
Internet-based Distribution of Digital Videos: The Economic Impacts of Digitization on the Motion Picture Industry
Kevin Zhu

Research Paper - General Research
Overview of Content Management Approaches and Strategies
Vipul K. Gupta,  Srinivasan Govindarajan and Tonya Johnson

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