Volume 11, Issue 1

Special issue on "Anniversary edition: business models" and general research

Beat F. Schmid and Brigette Buchet

Preface: Introduction to Special Section - Business Models
Rainer Alt and Hans-Dieter Zimmermann

Research Paper - Special Issue
Re-thinking E-commerce Business Modelling in Terms of Interactivity
Ulf Essler and Randall Whitaker

Research Paper - Special Issue
Personalized Interactive TV Advertising: The iMEDIA Business Model
Katherine C. Pramataris, Dimitris A. Papakyriakopoulos, George Lekakos and Nikolaos A. Mylonopoulos

Research Paper - Special Issue
Strategic Preparedness: A Critical Requirement to Maximize E-commerce Investments
Kenneth A. Saban

Research Paper - Special Issue
A Value-added Model for E-Commerce
Thomas O'Daniel

Research Paper - General Research
What is New About the Digital Economy?
Beat F. Schmid

Research Paper - General Research
Engaging SMEs in E-commerce: The Role of Intermediaries within eClusters
David H. Brown and Nigel J. Lockett

Research Paper - General Research
Small Digital Business in Electronic Markets: A Blueprint for Survival
Sulin Ba,  Andrew B. Whinston and Han Zhang

Research Paper - General Research
Adapting the Internet as Distribution Channel for Stationary Retailers: The Austrian Case
Maria Madlberger and Herbert Kotzab

Research Paper - General Research
Do Internet Shopping Aids Make a Difference? An Empirical Investigation
Leo R. Vijayasarathy and Joseph M. Jones

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