Statement Editor-in-Chief

Welcome to Electronic Markets - The International Journal on Networked

The digital transformation has profoundly changed the way organizations and individuals interact. Information technology is a main driver in this development and almost omnipresent today. Many technololgies - from mobile devices, blockchain infrastructures, big data, artificial intelligence, digital platforms and services - have grown in maturity and unveal unparalled impact when converging in innovative application scenarios.

As a scholarly journal, Electronic Markets EM) covers this exciting field of digital business. EM is proud that is has a long legacy in this area. Started in 1991, it was one of the first journals covering topics of IT-enabled networked business in general and electronic market platforms in particular. Among the examples are the analysis and design of (electronic) market platforms and mechanisms, business models, value chains and networks from many perspectives.

Although EM emerged from Germany-speaking countries, it is an international journal with editorial capacity in the Americas, Asia, Australia, and Europe. Co-editors, senior editors, associate editors, and editorial board members are renowned colleagues who strive for high quality regarding scientific rigor and relevance for practice. In 2010 Electronic Markets was accepted for the Social Science Citation Index (SSCI) and now ranks with an impact factor of 8.5 (2022).

EM encourages all researchers to submit their best work, which should be rigorous (e.g., methods and generalization) and relevant (e.g., novelty and impact). It will be double-blindly reviewed and each submission will be supervised by one of our co-editors, senior or associate editors or, in case of a submission to a special issue, a guest editor. EM's review process is based on an online submission system and we aim to provide timely feedback. We hope you consider EM for your work and are open for any suggestions.

Rainer Alt for the entire editorial team

Leipzig, July 2023