Electronic Markets' Continuous Article Publishing (CAP)

As previously announced, with the publication of Electronic Markets’ issue 32/4, the journal has successfully moved from its long-time quarterly appearance to the Continuous Article Publishing (CAP) model. All papers accepted after the production stop (from November 01, 2022) are currently being published.

The shift is visible with volume 33 on Electronic Markets’ Springer Link presence. The Online First option appearance has already been discontinued since all papers are automatically assigned to the volume. This means that the article’s metadata are immediately available in their final form (the so-called Article Citation ID together with the DOI link).

Furthermore, special issues are now published as Topical Collections on Springer Link. These have the same characteristics as the special issues and Electronic Markets continues to use the term “special issue” in their call for papers. Topical collections have the advantage that they may be enhanced at a later stage. In this way, guest editors and authors can decide to include new papers at any time, even if they belong to different volumes.

In case you have any question or suggestion, do not hesitate to contact the Editorial Office (editors(at)electronicmarkets.org) or any of us.

All the best,

The EM editorial team