Become a Guest Editor

We welcome suggestions for Special Themes. Please contact the editorial office to make the necessary arrangements. The following is meant as guidelines only.

Special Theme
Electronic Markets has a long tradition of covering specific topics in each issue. Special themes need to have a link to the journal´s scope and, when finalized, typically consist of three to five papers. These papers are reviewed according to EM's high quality standards. Issues of EM may include multiple special themes.

Special Theme Organization
Whenever you wish to organize a set of papers for a special theme, Electronic Markets will support you in publishing them. There are various possibilities:

  • You already have a set of paper for a possible special theme, e.g., from a conference mini-track, and want to publish them in a journal. EM is fast in organizing the review process and publishing accepted papers in a special section.
  • You draft a call for papers which will be distributed on the journal website and a series of electronic list servers (e.g., isworld). The review process is organized jointly with the guest editors.
  • Please note that a special issue section requires a minimum of three accepted papers. If this number has not been reached the accepted articles will be published in the general research section.

Paper Requirements
The papers need to be original articles that have not been published elsewhere. Conference publications have to be revised and enhanced for publication in a leading journal. Special sections may also include guest columns, literature overviews, position papers, research agendas as well as surveys and (book) reviews.

Co-Guest Editors
The team of guest editors usually comprises two to four colleagues. It should be international in nature, i.e., include guest editors from the USA, Asia, and/or Europe. We expect the guest editors to contribute a preface to the special theme introducing the subject covered.