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Electronic Markets (EM) invites to submit case studies in the area of electronic markets and networked business. Case study papers provide an opportunity to understand the application of information and communication technologies (ICT) in a specific business setting. Often the intricacies of industry dynamics and the configuration of strategic, political, cultural as well as organizational aspects determine how successful ICT-based solutions are in linking businesses with their customers and suppliers. The focus is to obtain in-depth insights in novel, complex, and / or surprising aspects and to understand and analyze the application of ICT in a specific application environment. Authors are encouraged to consider the following suggestions:

  • As research papers, all submissions for case studies require that a research question is formulated and the research is embedded in the academic literature.
  • While case studies aim at describing and analyzing a specific business setting, the authors should also aim at generalizing their findings in the conclusions of their case study paper.
  • Various styles of case study research (e.g., single / multiple cases) are welcome. However, it is preferred that company names are not anonymized.
  • Case study submissions should have the approx. length of Electronic Markets papers (6.500 words).


All proposals will be handled by our Opens internal link in current windowonline submission system. After a first screening of the submitted proposal, authors will receive feedback and, if applicable, will be invited to submit a revised version of their paper. All papers received will be reviewed anonymously by at least two associate editors of EM and, if necessary, well-established peers with expertise on the paper’s topic. Submissions should conform to Electronic Markets’ publication standards (see the Opens internal link in current windowgeneral information for authors). A final acceptance decision will be made by the Editor-in-Chief.

Electronic Markets is a quarterly journal published by Springer. EM was the first journal to report on the developments in electronic commerce. As such the journal embraces the entire range of electronic “market” issues - covering not only transactions but also the wider process of business collaboration, such as information, negotiation, trust, customer relationships, electronic procurement, supply chain management, electronic services, and all aspects of the evaluation, introduction, and management of the underlying business software systems and user devices.

In case you would like to discuss any aspect of the call please send an e-mail to: editors[at]