On conditional acceptance of an article

Once your article has been conditionally accepted for publication (Accept with major/minor revisions):

  • You will receive a copy of the comments, made by anonymous reviewers.
  • You will receive a deadline for making those changes.
  • This stage will be handled via the online submission system.
  • You are required to provide a response to the reviewers' comments and explain how you reacted to the issues raised.

This procedure will be repeated until the reviewers and editors are satisfied with all changes made. After final acceptance of your article it will be submitted to our publisher.

On reject & resubmit

Reject & resubmit means that your article has been rejected for publication but the editors see enough potential to invite a resubmission after substantial revision. In this case, please resubmit your manuscript as a new submission and additionally attach an extra document with your response to the reviewers. The response to reviewers must be blinded like the manuscript.

On final acceptance of an article

  • After your article is finally accepted it is automatically transferred to our publisher's production department.
  • The publisher will contact you regarding "Open Access" which allows you to make your article openly accessible.
  • If you do not prefer "Open Access" you will be asked to transfer copyright of the article. We regret that your article cannot be published without a signed copyright statement,
  • The Copyright Statement contains information about the rights that you personally retain as an author. Please read it carefully - especially the self-archiving policies.
  • The last step before the online publication of your article is proof reading, during which you should carefully check for any errors in your manuscript which may have occurred during typesetting or conversion.
  • Please see Springer's "After acceptance" page for further information.