Review Process

Our review process consists of three main steps: desk reject check, technical check and, of course, the review rounds. Here, we briefly explain each step. For further details, please refer to our Editorial 25/4 on "Electronic Markets on reviewing".

Desk reject check

All submissions are subject to a desk reject check by the Editors-in-Chief. This ensures that papers, which are either out of our journal’s scope or immature in nature, are returned early and we can give feedback to the authors as soon as possible.

Technical check

During the technical check the submitted paper will be checked for the use of the correct templates, for its anonymization and for correct citations.

Make sure that your submission has not been published, submitted or accepted for publication elsewhere. Please  choose  a paper category as well as a section (see Sections and Paper Categories).  Please note the preferred article length must be in a range of 3,500 to 8,000 words (excl. reference list). Please use American English spelling throughout.

Two files are required for submission: a title page with author information and biographies and a blinded manuscript without author names, affiliations etc.

Please make sure for your blinded manuscript:

  • It must also include an abstract
  • It must include a table with additional information (keywords, JEL classifications, number of words and word processing program name)
  • All indications on authors' names and addresses must be eliminated from the manuscript, document properties or file names. References to the authors must be blinded (e.g. [blindref], [blinded for review process]
  • All citations and references must be in APA style.

Manuscripts that do not comply with these guidelines will be returned for correction.

Please use the following templates for the title page and your manuscript:

You can attach additional files with tables, figures, etc. when submitting your manuscript but this is not required. It is enough to have all tables and figures in your manuscript.

Review rounds

After the submission has passed the desk reject check and the technical check, it will be forwarded to an Associate Editor (special issue submissions will be sent to a Guest Editor),