Top 10 Cited Articles

The Top 10 most cited articles of Electronic Markets from the past ten years based on a citation analysis of Google Scholar data are:

  1. Gretzel, U., Sigala, M., Xiang, Z. & Koo, C. (2015). Smart tourism: foundations and developments(Cited by 619)

  2. Huotari, K. & Hamari, J. (2016). A definition for gamification: anchoring gamification in the service marketing literature(Cited by 259)

  3. Akter, S. & Fosso-Wamba, S. (2016). Big data analytics in E-commerce: a systematic review and agenda for future research(Cited by 257)

  4. Neuhofer, B., Buhalis, D. & Ladkin, A. (2015). Smart technologies for personalized experiences: a case study in the hospitality domain(Cited by 230)

  5. Akter, S., D’Ambra, J. & Ray P. (2010). Service quality of mHealth platforms: development and validation of a hierarchical model using PLS(Cited by 156)

  6. Zhang, M., Jansen, B. J. & Chowdhury, A. (2011). Business engagement on Twitter: a path analysis. (Cited by 152)

  7. Spiekermann, S., Acquisti, A., Böhme, R. & Hui, K. (2015). The challenges of personal data markets and privacy(Cited by 148)

  8. Guo, X., Sun, Y., Wang, N., Peng, Z. & Yan, Z. (2012). The dark side of elderly acceptance of preventive mobile health services in China(Cited by 118)

  9. Trigueros-Preciado, S., Pérez-González, D. & Solana-González, P. (2013). Cloud computing in industrial SMEs: identification of the barriers to its adoption and effects of its application(Cited by 118)

  10. Sun, Y., Liu, L., Peng, X., Dong, Y. & Barnes, S. (2013). Understanding Chinese users’ continuance intention toward online social networks: an integrative theoretical model.  (Cited by 102)

Last update: February 17, 2020